Castle View Elementary Instrumental Music

Macaroni Kids Winner "Best Music Lessons" 2019

Community Support

Cynthia Berndt, Music Teacher, Stone Mountain Elementary  - Without music, life is boring!"

George Boser, Principal, Summit View Elementary - I fully support these music programs, and I understand the importance of making these opportunities available for all kids.  All kids have talents and treasures waiting to be developed, and it is great that these programs will allow kids the opportunity to explore their interests, hopes and dreams. 

Mark Cellar, Band Director, Castle View Hight School - When I started playing an instrument in elementary band, I had no idea how richly rewarding the experience would be. Playing in band has allowed me to travel to 7 countries and 20 states. The friends that I met in middle school band have remained my closest friends to this day. And, most importantly, I have the skills to express myself when words are inadequate. There is simply no better means by which we can express ourselves than by making music. I encourage all students to learn to play an instrument!


Jay McGuffin, Orchestra Director, Castle View High School & Castle Rock Middle School - "We are fortunate to have one of the best Instrumental Music programs in the district from Elementary through High School. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to start something fun that can be a part of you the rest of your life. So often I hear adults say they regret not starting an instrument. Live your life without regrets! Be a part of something awesome! Develop incredible relationships with your peers and make your mind grow! Join Orchestra and Band!" 

Andrea L. Meyers, Retired DCSD Teacher - I highly recommend Instrumental Music for all our students!  Orchestra and Band is more than a class, it's a place for friendship,'s a family.  I LOVED being in orchestra!  It was always a safe, fun, happy place to make music!  In music, our students become better leaders, problem solvers, develop higher thinking skills, are offered unique opportunities, and have so much FUN making music!"

Brenda Romanello, Band Director, Castle Rock Middle School - "In the past, scientists speculated that those of higher socioeconomic status such as doctors and lawyers were musicians in their spare time so that they could have a creative outlet.  Now scientists have learned that being a musician makes people smarter, especially instrumentalists. Studies completed at the University of Zurich found that learning to play an instrument can increase IQ by seven points in both children and adults (Alleyne, 2009). Make the potential a reality for you and your children, learn to play an instrument!"

Former beginning band student - "Playing an instrument makes me have a lot of responsibility."