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   Castle View Elementary Instrumental Music

Course Materials

Students will need to have an instrument and a book, as well as items related to the instrument. Following is more detailed information on what is needed.

1. An Instrument - These can be purchased or rented. Typically, beginning students rent their instruments.

For Band: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Saxophone, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone,

Euphonium/Baritone, Tuba or Percussion (Snare Drum & Bell kit).

For Orchestra: Violin, Viola, Cello, String Bass (smaller sizes available, i.e. half-size).

Renting an instrument is a good option for beginning students. With many of the local music stores, the monthly cost is inexpensive ($20 - $100) depending on choice of instrument. A percentage of payments are applied towards final purchase of the instrument. Should a student show a strong interest and want to upgrade to a nicer quality instrument (or a full-size instrument for orchestra students), rental money can be transferred to the purchase of a different instrument. Many beginning instrument models are designed to be sturdy and create decent sounds for less cost. As students progress, intermediate instruments and professional instruments become appealing for many reasons, but of course, have a much higher cost.

Rent an instrument virtually!

You're more than welcome to rent directly from any store of your choice, if you wish.  

Here are links to stores we recommend: - video about Golden Music - video about Music & Arts

Buying an instrument is an option - just keep in mind, like anything else, there are good instruments and not-so-good instruments available. A good rule of thumb is if the price seems to be good to be true, it probably is. Very inexpensive instruments tend to not work very well and can lead to a frustrated child.

If you're planning on using an instrument that's been around in the family - Dad's old trumpet, for example, that's terrific. Do expect that such an instrument may need some maintenance to be in good working condition and consider having it checked out.

2. Instrument-related items

In addition to the instrument, there are a few needed items that are specific to each instrument:

Flute: soft clean cloth, such as a handkerchief.

Oboe: 3-4 "soft" or "medium soft" oboe reeds*, cork grease and a "swab."

Clarinet: 4 "medium soft" clarinet reeds*, cork grease and a "swab."

Saxophone: 4 "medium soft" saxophone reeds*, cork grease, either a "swab" or a

"pad saver" and a neckstrap.

Bassoon: 3-4 "soft" or "medium soft" bassoon reeds*, cork grease, swab, and a

seat strap.

Trumpet: valve oil and tuning slide grease

French horn: valve oil and tuning slide grease

Trombone: slide oil or slide spray and tuning slide grease

Euphonium/Baritone: valve oil and tuning slide grease

Tuba: valve oil and tuning slide grease

Percussion: please have a drum kit with bells for class. This should include snare

drum sticks and bell mallets.

Violin: shoulder rest or "purple" sponge, rosin and a soft cloth. A full set of

extra strings is highly recommended.

Viola: shoulder rest or "purple" sponge, rosin and a soft cloth. Extra strings on

the higher two pitches are highly recommended (A and D).

Cello: rock stop or cello board, rosin and a soft cloth.

String Bass: rock stop, bass rosin, and a soft cloth.

*Please note that reeds don't last very long, especially at the very beginning stages.

Students should always have more than one reed available, which will mean either stocking up in advance, or getting more reeds several times through the year. It is possible that we can have reeds delivered directly to the school for your convenience.

3. Music Book

These books are specific to the instrument you play, so for example, if you play clarinet, you’d want to get the clarinet version of the book. You may purchase these books on your own at a music store (call first to make sure they have the book - Golden Music and Music & Arts will be stocking the books). These books are also available on  

Beginning Band students will be using Sound Innovations for Concert Band, book 1.

Intermediate Band students will be using Sound Innovations for Concert Band, book 2.

   (Check with your child's Instructor before purchasing book 2.)

Beginning Orchestra students will be using Sound Innovations for String Orchestra, book 1.

   (Check with your child's Instructor before purchasing book 2.)

Intermediate Orchestra students will be using Sound Innovations for String Orchestra, bk 2.

   (Check with your child's Instructor before purchasing book 2.)

4. A pencil

Pencils need to be used during rehearsals, and need to be kept with the instrument or music.

5. A music stand for home AND SCHOOL practice (if in-person). With rules on not sharing equipment, we will need students to bring their own folding stand for use during class rehearsals. These are usually included with the instrument rental.

Posture and holding position are such important parts of learning to play an instrument. Having a stand to use at home is important.

6. COVID-19 related items for in-person classes (if needed): Masks, hand-sanitizer and/or disinfectant wipes.